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And You Fix Bugs in Minutes,
even production ones

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Bug Fixing Stages

Faced a bug Gather info Report Reproduce Analyse Fix Deploy
The old way
Customer reports a problemCustomer support talks to customerCustomer support reports an issueDeveloper recreates environment and reproduces the problemDeveloper analyses the issueDeveloper fixes the issueDevOps deploys a fix to production
The Kuoll way
Customer reports a problem or Kuoll script detects a problem Kuoll script captures bug report automaticallyKuoll script captures high-fidelity bug reportKuoll replays captured report in debug modeDeveloper analyses the issue with easeDeveloper fixes the issue with confidenceDevOps deploys sure fix to production
Biz Value
Finds bugs before your customers doAutomated capturingHigh-fidelity capturingHigh-fidelity replayMuch easierSure fixBugs fixed faster

Turn user support requests into easy bug fixes

User Problems Understood

Kuoll provides developers with a complete record of backend-fronted-user interaction of the moments when users face a glitch in your software. With Kuoll, developers can fix bugs without even reproducing them.

Develop New Cool Stuff

Developers understand not just what happened, but why each specific issue occurred. With this understanding, developers fix issues much faster and get back to development of new customer-beneficial features.

Software Delivered Faster

Developers spend less time on troubleshooting and issue investigation. Kuoll speeds up development and makes it more enjoyable. The entire development process becomes healthier.

The Main Use Case


Install Kuoll JS

Kuoll works on front-end and records user-frontend-backend interactions.

Install in 3 simple steps

Customer uses your software

Customers use your software as usual. No need to install third party applications or extensions.

When Something Went Wrong

When a customer faces a bug in your software, Kuoll saves the temporal user session to Kuoll server. Kuoll detects erroneous situations automatically. Also, Kuoll considers a customer support request as a trigger to save the user’s session.

Investigate the Issue

Kuoll is like a remote debugging tool. And Kuoll allows developer to debug recorded user sessions. Kuoll frontend script records user sessions in such a way that developers can replay bugs. The Kuoll record contains user-generated events, DOM changes, network requests, JavaScript console, and exceptions which are shown together as a series of causes and effects.

To get familiar with the concept, check out our demo page

Developer Easily Fixes Defect

Having the Kuoll record (debuggable record of user session), The developer can easily fix software defects.

Customers are Happy

Yes, they are. Nobody asked them to provide a ton of details about the issue. And issues are resolved really fast!

Get Back to Create New Stuff

The issue is closed blazing fast so you can get back real to development.