Get true conversion monitoring

Kuoll connects conversion analytics with error monitoring to expose toxic errors

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Drastically reduce bug lifetime with automated discovery and replay

Be alerted to bugs immediately

Receive Slack notifications about problems immediately upon new release. Kuoll smartly merges JavaScript errors by stack traces.

Triage bugs in minutes

Kuoll dashboard shows how many users are affected by specific bugs. Understand the impact of each bug within minutes of new release.

Debug-friendly user sessions

Each Slack bug notification includes a link to a replayable user session. The session shows the record of 1) how user interacted with the web page, and 2) how the code was running on the end user machine. This is the same information which is available in the web browser developer's tools. Kuoll is like a time machine which allows the developer to see and investigate what went wrong on the user machine at the moment when a problem occured.

Kuoll crushes costs of bug fixing at all stages

Detect errors Prioritize Debug
The old way
Marketing team observes conversion drop after a new release A development manager tries to understand the impact of new issues and prioritize them A developer tries to recreates production environment and reproduce the problem
The Kuoll way
Kuoll script detects error and watches conversions. After prioritization Slack bot alert developers about the most critical issues Kuoll server merges similar errors, prioritizes them by negative conversion effect. Kuoll web app replay user session and provides network requests content, DOM-structure and other debug information
Kuoll Value Proposition
Errors detected and reported 100% automatically Errors merged and triaged by conversion effect 100% automatically Errors replayed and remote debug info provided
Bugsnag, Sentry, TrackJS, Bugsee, Airbrake, None, yet None, yet
No company, other that Kuoll, provides solution which gets bug from where it is happening and delivers it to developer in an authentic, debuggable and manageable way.

Privacy and sensitive data

Kuoll highly respects customer and end user privacy. We do not sell and do not transfer our customer or end user data to third parties. To exclude private user data from the record, please list the private XHR URLs in the ignoreUrls parameter of the Kuoll API startRecord function. See Kuoll acceptable use and privacy policy for more details. The ultimate solution to the privacy question is on-premise deployment. You can host Kuoll on your own servers in your secured environment. To get a quote, please contact Kuoll on-premise sales.