Conversion Monitoring & Empirical Optimization

The Sales Metric You're Ignoring

Software bugs—no matter how big or small—are hurting your conversions. Some users may report them, but more often than not they’ll either refresh the page or abandon their cart and go to your competitors.

At best you’re left with an unknown bug that’s affecting site performance. At worst you’ve lost a customer.

Intelligent Optimization: Empirical Data & Immediate Growth

Testing site layout, button colors, and sales copy is an arduous and expensive experiment with no guaranteed return for your efforts. It’s a highly nuanced game of zero percent returns.

Kuoll will carve a path to immediate growth because it identifies real bottlenecks in your sales funnel that you can turn into actionable steps.

From the comfort of your own dashboard, you'll monitor how conversion rates rise and fall from day to day based on the quantity and types of errors found on your site, equipping you with real, empirical sales data to help you decide which bugs must be squished now.