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Identify, Prioritize and Save with Kuoll

Identify old and new revenue blockers

Quickly find the errors that are preventing site users from making purchases. From visit to checkout, monitor every step of the consumer process.

Prioritize based on monetary impact

Understand every bug in terms of how much revenue it is costing the store. Strategically apply your resources for maximum effectiveness.

Immediately solve new problems

Equip your team for 24/7 monitoring and developer alerts. See user session recordings and all relevant error details.

Triage effectively

Kuoll shows how many users are affected by specific bugs. Understand the monetary impact of each bug within minutes of new release.

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Detect immediately

Slack integration sends error details to your team seamlessly with errors smartly merged and filtered.

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The statistics you need

Dive deep into the numbers and understand exactly how your site is performing.

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