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Kuoll getting started guide

The JavaScript tracking snippet

Copy and paste the code below to the bottom of web pages of your web application. In some rare occasion you will need to debug the process of loading

<script>(function (w, k, t){if (!window.Promise){w[k]=w[k]||function(){};return;}w[k] = w[k] || function () {var a = arguments; return new Promise(function (y, n) {(w[k].q = w[k].q || []).push({a: a, d: {y: y, n: n}});});};var s = document.createElement(t),f = document.getElementsByTagName(t)[0];s.async = 1;s.src = 'https://cdn.kuoll.com/bootloader.js';f.parentNode.insertBefore(s, f);}(window, 'kuoll', 'script')); kuoll('startRecord', { API_KEY: "YOUR_API_KEY", userId: 1 }); </script>

User session recording explained

You may want to read detailed explanation about how user recording works.

Sign up and install monitoring.js to start using Kuoll.

You are welcome to find documents on your specific situation in the doc navigation on the left ;)