Kuoll monitoring online store front-end for errors and conversion events. Kuoll monitoring.js is installed as a piece of JavaScript into web-application. Kuoll provides reports about critical errors and top conversion-killers. Kuoll alerts about new critical errors.

Copy and paste the code below to the bottom of web pages of your web application.

<script>(function (w, k, t){if (!window.Promise){w[k]=w[k]||function(){};return;}w[k] = w[k] || function () {var a = arguments; return new Promise(function (y, n) {(w[k].q = w[k].q || []).push({a: a, d: {y: y, n: n}});});};var s = document.createElement(t),f = document.getElementsByTagName(t)[0];s.async = 1;s.src = '';f.parentNode.insertBefore(s, f);}(window, 'kuoll', 'script')); kuoll('startRecord', { API_KEY: "YOUR_API_KEY", userId: 1 }); </script>

This code will contain your unique Kuoll API key and should be copied directly into your store code. Please, verify your unique API key at Kuoll dashboard.

Browser Support

The monitoring.js script works on all modern browsers. In case the script is loaded on an unsupported browser, it deactivates itself without causing issue.

Custom Configuration

We understand that each store is different, and that a single configuration won’t work for everyone. Kuoll's API can be used for custom configuration.

Report eCommerce events to Kuoll

After the simple installation, you are ready to report eCommerce events to Kuoll.

Kuoll support 4 types of events:

  1. Visit, (some people call it Catalog)
  2. Add to cart (same as Cart)
  3. Checkout
  4. Purchase

Kuoll tracks JavaScript (and some other) Errors in user sessions and calculates how many times errors happened and how the errors affected conversions between checkout funnel steps.

kuoll.ecommerce(convertedToStep: "Visit");

kuoll.ecommerce(convertedToStep: "AddToCart");

kuoll.ecommerce(convertedToStep: "Checkout");

kuoll.ecommerce(convertedToStep: "Purchase");

Insert these pieces of code into corresponding places of your stores code.

Kuoll error-reporting API

To report an error to Kuoll explicitly:

kuoll.createIssue("error", description, stacktrace); // JS error tracking

description is a text description of an error;

stacktrace is the error's stack trace.

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