Quick Start


You install Kuoll by including a script on your website. That script listens for errors and monitor conversion and sends actionable data back to your account.

Copy and paste the code below to the bottom of web pages of your web application.

<script>(function (w, k, t){if (!window.Promise){w[k]=w[k]||function(){};return;}w[k] = w[k] || function () {var a = arguments; return new Promise(function (y, n) {(w[k].q = w[k].q || []).push({a: a, d: {y: y, n: n}});});};var s = document.createElement(t),f = document.getElementsByTagName(t)[0];s.async = 1;s.src = 'https://cdn.kuoll.com/bootloader.js';f.parentNode.insertBefore(s, f);}(window, 'kuoll', 'script')); kuoll('startRecord', { API_KEY: "YOUR_API_KEY", userId: 1 }); </script>

This code should include your unique Kuoll API key and should be copied directly into your code. Please, verify your unique API key at Kuoll dashboard.

Browser Support

The monitoring.js script works on all modern browsers. If the script is loaded on an unsupported browser, it deactivates itself without causing issue.

Advanced Configuration

We understand that each store is different, and that a single configuration won’t work for everyone. If you’re looking for something more than the default, please visit complete Kuoll API documentation.